DNET Smart TV Box

2019/7/23 16:03:00   Source: dhomelife.com

Our TV Box has itself own system, name is called DNET TVBOX, that can give you very special servers in the future:

1> By 100 PC's, we will offer you panel to control each of TV box.

2> after you got panel, you can customize the TV box

        booting up logo & picture. (You can put your advertisements whatever)

        Homepage of tv box App's postion/size, add your personal information on the homepage or add apps.

3> above functions can be done by anytime, no matter the tv box has been sold or not, you can use the panel to change everything by anytime, even the boxes are sold out.

4> the really cool thing is you DO NOT have to use firmware to update or fix the bugs, my panel can push apps or firmware, customer will get directly downloading.

5> If your own brand android products, we can do compatible with yours and we will charge your only server fees.

If you are interested in, please knock me, we are appreciated to introduce our Brand TV BOX with SYSTEM.