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I2 wireless charger with makeup mirror
I2 wireless charger with makeup mirror
I2 wireless charger with makeup mirror
I2 wireless charger with makeup mirror
I2 wireless charger with makeup mirror
I2 wireless charger with makeup mirror
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Makeup mirror led light with wireless charger,small and portable
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Makeup mirror with wireless charger vanity portable HLQ-I2

Product Description


The scope of products

  • This Makeup mirror with wireless charger(I2) is a single coil fast charging launch module that comply to the Qi WPC V1.2.4 regulation. It can be applied to all kind of devices that in compliance with International Wireless Charger Qi Standard, such as smart phone,smart watch,three proofing products, etc..

  • I2 can supply power to adapters in 5V(not support fast charging), 9V(support fast charging) or QC 2.0 or above(Pls. Have usb cable with d+ / d- for fast charging).

  • I2 is applicable in places such as home, office,vehicle-mounted .

External environmental conditions


Operating Temperature20℃— +65℃Storage Temperature-20℃ — +60℃
Operation Humidity<75% Storage Humidity<75% 
 Test Temperature 25&plusmn;10&#8451; Atmospheric Pressure 70 &mdash; 106MPa


Product Description


Wireless charger - I2
 Comply to the Qi WPC V1.2.4 regulation
 Adapter requirements: 5V 2.0A, 9V 1.67A, QC2.0 or above adapter
 Input voltage range:  4.5V~5.5V or 8.5V~9.5V
 Out put power rate of receiving end:

 5W, 7.5W,10W

 Induction distance:  3~10mm
 Product measurement: 0.243*0.277*0.011inch (74.3*84.5*3.4mm)
 Product net weight: 21g
 Working frequency: 110K~205K
 Metal Detection/Foreign Body Detection (FOD)
 Conversion efficiency >75%
 Over current, over voltage, under voltage protection
 Standby mode: Red light remains on
 Charging mode: Blue light in breathing mode
 Charged mode: Red light remains on
 FOD or abnormal mode: Blue light twinkles



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HLQ i2 

Makeup Mirror with Wireless charger

 1. 5V 2.0A, 9V 1.67A, QC2.0 or above adapter

 2. 74.5*84.5*3.4mm

 3. Distance of inducation: 3~10mm

 4. 1 X USB




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About US



    ShenZhen XiPu Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 2015 year, is an integration of enterprise in a business foreign trade and development of technological, we are concentrating on products of intelligent electronic device and digital electronic device.
    Nowadays, the mainly products are android TV box.smart player, android video apk, and high-definition hard disk player, such as android TV box x88. xdd. and v6 plus, especially we have our own products, which are HLQ and ESU. The company has long-term cooperation with in the digital market filed, and also has incredible team members who are talented in researching and developing, strongest technology level in the market, with a number of qualification and experience software and hardware engineers.



HLQ1. Strong heat dissipation;

2. Ul unique design, interface HD;

3. Small size, light weight, easy to carry and placed;

4. Support OEM box LOGO, Ul, outer package LOGO.


1. RK3229 chips are relatively inexpensive, but they support 4K HD;

2. compatible with all kinds of Android APK;

3. support OEM;

4. small size and light weight.



1. Support 5W7.5W10W;

2. We have Ql certification;

3. Appearance patent;

4. Ensure that the material used is the same as the Ql certification,

and the wire is 22 high standard wire rod.


1. CPU: Penta-Core Mali-450 Up to 750Mhz+;

2. Flash: EMMC 32GB/64GB;

3. SDRAM: 4GB;

4. OS: Android TV 7.1;

5. Wireless: 2.4G/5G dual-band wifi.






What is the delivery time?


Usually under 100 pieces, we will ship 1-3 business days after your payment; 200-1000pcs We will ship within 3-7 business days after confirming your full payment.

Does it support OEM?


Purchase more than 1000 pieces, support OEM.
   1. logo printing on housing
   2. Customize package
   3. Software Customization: Booting image, UI, APP, Function&hellip; and so on

What's your charger standard? Are they available in my country? 


Generally , we have EU plug, US plug, UK plug and AU plug.

Do you have technical instructions and technical support?


Please read the user manual carefully for your reference, we have detail instruction on it. If your problems still cannot be solved, welcome to contact us for help. We will also have special technology engineer team to support if you need.

Why does the box stay on the splash screen and cannot get into the system?


This is mainly caused by incorrect power cut when the box is still operating, try to reset your box.

What should i do if the box cannot boot up properly or crashes many times?


You need to upgrade the firmware (which is provided by the manufacturer).

Why can't i download some Apps?


Ensure the system supports the Apps you download, upgrade the firmware if necessary.

What are the functions of USB ports? Can i connect a USB network card?


USB ports are standard cable connection interfaces designed to connect external storage devices to your computer, you can use the USB port to upgrade the system firmware. Before connecting the USB network card please ensure the box supports your USB network card drive.

What's your warranty?


We all tv box for one year warranty, during the period, if the tv box have quality issues, we will replace a new one for you, But the transportation cost of the product needs to be borne by the buyer.

Destination customs clearance issue


We can declare a special value according to your needs, but pls remember to inform us before shipment! If the cargo arrived to the destination, buyer will need to handle the customs clearance by themselves. if faced with any doubts about documents, please contact us at the first time! If the buyer can not promptly clear the goods lead to be returned, the buyer will need to bear the return shipping! kindly note and thanks ~